Tryouts can be a very stressful time for everyone involved.
Tryouts should be a time for players to test their skills, see where they fit, learn from their experience, and help them clarify their on-going development plan.
Below are a few tips to share with your child to support them during the tryout process:


Be engaged throughout tryout process. Work to do your best in every situation on and off the ice. All coaches love hard working players who have a drive to compete.

Play the right way

Hockey is a team game that requires good habits for success. Championship teams dominate both with and without the pucks and at both ends of the ice. Coaches are not only looking for players who can score goals, they’re also looking for players who win battles, stop on pucks, backcheck, work to get open for their teammates, get sticks on pucks, and communicate.

Play your game

Often players try to do too much in tryouts. Stay focused on playing to your strengths… if speed is your game, skate. If passing is a strength, look to make plays. If defending is your game, defend.


Throughout the tryout process, both on and off the ice, coaches will be giving directions, explaining what they want to see, and giving feedback. Pay attention. Coachability is high on every coach’s list of desirables.

Stay positive

No matter what happens on the ice, maintain a positive attitude and body language. Hockey is fast game with infinite decision making; even the pros make dozens of mistakes each game. Focus on what you can control, give your best effort, and move on quickly when things don’t go the way you hoped.

Have fun!

There is nothing better than watching players on the ice who are smiling and having fun. It’s infectious. Not to mention you’re guaranteed to play better when you’re relaxed, smiling, and having fun.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week!